2 Vehicle Minor Injury Accident, John Glenn and Concord Ave, Concord CA

04302015DSC_0352 04302015DSC_0353 04302015DSC_0354 04302015DSC_0355 04302015DSC_0356 04302015DSC_0357 04302015DSC_0358 04302015DSC_0359 04302015DSC_0360 04302015DSC_0361 04302015DSC_0362 04302015DSC_0363 04302015DSC_0364 04302015DSC_0365 04302015DSC_0366 04302015DSC_0368 04302015DSC_0369 04302015DSC_0370 04302015DSC_0371 04302015DSC_0372 04302015DSC_0373 04302015DSC_0374 04302015DSC_0375 04302015DSC_0376 04302015DSC_0378 04302015DSC_0379 04302015DSC_0380 04302015DSC_0381 04302015DSC_0382

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Vehicle Vs Child, Main St & E Cypress Rd, Oakley CA

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Antioch Structure Fire, B Street & Ninth

04292015DSC_0189 04292015DSC_0195 04292015DSC_0196 04292015DSC_0197 04292015DSC_0201 04292015DSC_0204 04292015DSC_0207 04292015DSC_0208 04292015DSC_0210 04292015DSC_0211 04292015DSC_0213 04292015DSC_0214 04292015DSC_0217 04292015DSC_0219 04292015DSC_0221 04292015DSC_0223 04292015DSC_0226 04292015DSC_0231 04292015DSC_0239 04292015DSC_0241 04292015DSC_0242 04292015DSC_0244 04292015DSC_0245 04292015DSC_0247 04292015DSC_0249 04292015DSC_0250 04292015DSC_0253 04292015DSC_0256 04292015DSC_0257 04292015DSC_0258 04292015DSC_0259 04292015DSC_0261 04292015DSC_0263 04292015DSC_0266 04292015DSC_0268 04292015DSC_0273 04292015DSC_0274 04292015DSC_0275 04292015DSC_0277 04292015DSC_0279 04292015DSC_0283 04292015DSC_0284 04292015DSC_0288 04292015DSC_0290 04292015DSC_0294

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Two Vehicle Accident with Extrication, Antioch/Brentwood, Lone Tree Wy & Slatten Ranch

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Vehicle Fire, O’Hara Ave & Laurel Rd, Oakley CA, 10/23/2014

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2 Vehicle Accident with Technical Rescue, Blue Rock & Deer Valley Rd, Antioch CA

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2 vehicle accident, Bluerock & Deer Valley Rd, Antioch. 2 patients, entanglement rescue needed. 1 patient transported with minor injuries, 1 declined medical assistance.

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